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Handcrafted ceramic tableware and art from Helsinki, Finland.


Unique stoneware objects


For me, working with clay, especially on the potter´s wheel, is a meditative and multisensory experience. I love the repetitive, manual work and the joy of finding inspiration and beauty in this ancient practice and mundane, but versatile material.

My approach explores clean shapes, with details crafted with precision. I try to find balance between subtle and delicate, yet bold forms. I aim for versatile multi-function pieces, that are pleasant to touch and use. My work consist of functional everyday tableware and decorative pieces. Every piece undergoes a dual-firing process making it durable and waterproof stoneware.


Items are produced as individual pieces or in small batches using different techniques. For custom work and price inquiries, please contact me by email, My ceramic works can also be purchased at Taidehalli Helsinki.